Boca Regional Urgent Care has teamed up with Travel Clinics of America to be able to provide you the most up to date information and immunization recommendations to keep you healthy on your trip. In addition to providing travel vaccines such as yellow fever, we can give you information about how to stay safe and avoid illnesses when you are traveling. From malaria prevention to the treatment of traveler's diarrhea we will help get you ready for your trip. Since you are spending so much time and money on your trip you should take all the steps necessary to make sure that you stay healthy and can enjoy your travels.

Why Shouldn't I See My Regular Doctor for Travel Medicine?

+ 50% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor had WRONG medication to prevent malaria.

+ 25% of travelers who visited their primary care doctor did not get necessary vaccinations or received UNNECESSARY immunizations.

+ Yellow fever vaccine can ONLY be administered by AUTHORIZED PHYSICIANS.

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