• I was recently at your clinic and had a great experience.


    Ian L.
  • I've been to your clinc a few times and each time I have received wonderful care.  Thanks!

    Jenny J
  • Thanks for your kind and compassionate staff.  I went to your clinic because I felt anxious and checked my blood pressure and it was high.  I saw Dr. Goldstein who took the time to listen to me and helped me realize that I was really ok and that if I was able to be less anxious that my  blood pressure wuold be ok.  he didn't need to order any expensive tests or give me any medication, he just needed to spend a  few minutes listening to me a reassuring me

    Joan S
  • I have been to your clinic a few times and each time have received great care.  Thanks!

    Debbie H
  • I just got my flu shot and my arm doesn't even hurt.  Nurse Dana did a great job!

    Dawn M
  • Best place to be seen in Boca. Great doctors, quick service and super attentive patient care. And their travel medicine services are top notch.

    Tania K
  • I was in you clinic this past weekend with a urinary tract infection.  The staff did a great job of getting me in an out quickly and sending my presription to the pharmacy so I didn't have to make 2 trips.  Thanks!

    Joan B
  • I have bee to your clinic a number of times and was just there again yesterday.  Great staff, great care, great experince.


    Sheena B
  • I was recently in your clinic and was very impressed.  I am a snowbird and it's hard to get in to see a doctor this time of year.  My neighbor tol me about your clinic and I am happy that I gave you a try.  Nice staff, great doctor and good coffee in the waiting room

    Bobbie H
  •  I was there last week for the first time and I must tell the following.  The place is spotless   Dr.  Rodriguez outstanding understanding and knows his work. Mr Nick front desk no words to describe him  extremely knowledgeable  very friendly and makes u feel at ease. Great choice for front desk.  Emely took x-ray right away. Pleasant well spoken. Etc. these are the people that I dealt with. U have a great staff  

  • I was seen by your Travel Medicine Specialist Tal and was very impressed with how knowledgeable she was.  I got all the vaccines and medications I needed and am ready for my trip to India.


    Karen J

    Great Travel Medicine Specialist
  • You have a great staff.  Everyone, from the person at the front desk to the nurse and doctor, took great care of me and took the time to listen to what I had to say.  My regular doctor is always in too much of a rush to spend any time with me.

    Toni B
  • Thank you for taking such good care of me yesterday.  Yourthoughtfulness, personal attention, and problem-solving were all perfect complements to your medical skill and experience

  • I am a physician in the community and will only send my patients to your clinic because I know they will be seen by a doctor and get good care.

    John R
  • We had an amazing visit today.The doctor was very knowledgable and friendly

    Terry C
  • Our family’s first experience with your urgent care center was awesome. We took our son there after he fell and broke his wrist and were really pleased with the service. It was quick and everyone was very friendly.

    Andrew R.
  • I rushed in your doors at closing time with my daughter.  She had quite a gash that needed treatment with multiple stitches.  You did an excellent job and her wound healed beautifully!

    Beth Z.
  • The urgent care center was terrific! The staff delivered exactly what I needed: professional care and personal attention – and they delivered it with care and kindness. Boca Regional Urgent Care is on my radar as an integral part of my community and I have given several enthusiastic recommendations to friends and work associates. Thank you!

    Debbie S.
  • Wonderful! The cleanliness at the urgent care center was exceptional and the staff was fantastic. It was a great experience.

    Susan G.
  • The professionals at the urgent care center are courteous, as well as speedy. The facility is very clean and inviting. 

    Tammi B.
  • I twisted my ankle playing football with my friends this weekend and couldn't walk on it.  I went to your urgent care center and had a great experience.  You facility was clean and your staff was very nice.  I was seen promptly by Dr. Goldstein who ordered and xray and determined tha my ankle was sprained.  I was in and out with a splint and crutches in 30 minutes.  Great job!  I will tell all my friends about your great place.

  • I want to thank you guys. I brought my 8 yr old daughter to your clinic immediately after she fell of the playground at school, and her arm seemed to be broken. Your staff was very patient with her and and allowed me to go into the xray room with her so she wouldn't feel scared. Your doctor and nurse made a half cast for her. Two days later I brought her back because the cast was itching and bothering her. The staff again was fabulous. They changed the dressing and put more soft cotton against her skin. This helped tremendously until she saw the specialist two days later. Thank you for your compassionate care. It really made a world of difference! 

    Sara C
  • I don't have insurance and have to pay for my own health care.  I wasn't happy with another urgent care I went to because I never saw a doctor, only a PA.  I tried you guys and was very happy.  All your staff is great, especially the doctor.  Your prices were fair and I like the fact that I was able to leave with a the presciption medicine I needed in hand.  Great place!

    What a great place!
  • As a single mother of three children, waiting in an emergency room for urgent medical care is not a possibility for me. On a recent trip to visit my parents at Boca Lago, my eight year old son fell and cut open his chin. It was bleeding profusely and my father and I bundled him into the car and drove to Boca Regional Urgent Care. It was the best decision. As I carried him through the door, the young man behind the front desk ushered us right back to an examining room. The staff, from the nurses to the xray tech, was extremely attentive and reassuring. The doctor, (who I later found out was an ACTUAL ER doctor!), was kind, compassionate, thorough and helpful. We were in and out with stitches completed, medication and follow up instructions in about twenty or so minutes. I didn't have to stop at a pharmacy for additional meds. My father decided that he would return in the fall to get his flu shot there too! I can't say enough about the cleanliness of the space, the attentiveness and caring of the staff and the kindness and understanding of the physician. I would recommend Boca Regional Urgent Care to ANYONE who did not need the hospital setting. Oh, and the next day my cell phone rang and it was the same nice front desk young man following up and asking how my son was feeling! Wow!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for helping make a difficult situation better.  Our daughter fell during her dance recital and injured her foot.  She was in a lot of pain and was very scared.  Your staff was very kind and made my doaughter, wife and myself feel better before you even xrayed and bandaged her foot.  Great job!

  • I had occasion to visit your facility yesterday evening about an hour before closing.  I had never been to an Urgent Care Facility previously.  I was extremely impressed with the facility, staff and care I received.

    I thought your facility's equipment as first class.  Aside from that, what truly makes a facility is the staff.  I was treated promptly and in my opinion, by a very nice, courteous  and knowledgeable staff. 

    I am glad that you are there to service those in need when the need arises.  I will be able to recommend and use your facility with confidence.

  • I wish to thank all of you for the outstanding care that I received on Monday.  My sincere thanks to Dr. Pessah and the entire staff.  I appreciate very much the expert care that I received

  • I injured my foot while dancing at my friend's wedding last night and when I woke up thismorningI couldn't walk on my foot.  You guys did a great job diagnosing my fracture, splinting me, giving me crutches and pain medicine and a referral to a specialist to fix my breaks. Thanks for making this as easy as possible.  You guys are great!

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