The Safest Flu Shot

September 25, 2017

The influenza (flu) season is upon us and experts are concerned that this may be a very bad year. It’s time to get your flu shot. Some people are apprehensive about getting a shot because they are concerned they can get the flu from the shot. “It is not possible to get the flu from the shot” according to Evan Goldstein M.D., Medical Director of Boca Regional Urgent Care, “ because only a piece of the virus is used to make the shot”. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a reaction to the shot. “The most common reaction is a sore arm at the site of injection. Some people can feel ill for a day or 2 after the shot and the most common cause is the preservatives used in many of the shots” The way to avoid this is to insist on getting only a preservative free shot. At Boca Regional Urgent Care we only use the preservative free Quadravalent Fluzone shots. There are 2 versions, the regular for ages 3 years to 65 years and the high strength for age 65 and above.


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