HIIT Workout #6 (One for the runners)

March 4, 2012

HIIT Workout #6 (One for the runners)

So far, all of my HIIT workouts have been circuits involving three to six different exercises. Most of them aren’t terribly complex, but today I have a one-exercise workout that literally anyone can do. You don’t need any prior workout experience or knowledge of terminology. You also don’t need a gym membership or any equipment. You just somewhere to run, whether it’s outside on the sidewalk, at a track, or even a indoor basketball court.

Sprinting HIIT Workout
Sprint for 60-90 seconds
Walk or jog for 30-60 seconds, depending on your fitness level
Repeat for 20-30 minutes

“I Don’t Have a Watch” Variation
Pick a point in the distance, like a stop sign or fire hydrant, and sprint to it. Moving targets are bad, especially if they’re moving away from you at a speed faster than you can run. Once you reach it, walk or jog until you catch your breath, then repeat.

Large Hill Variation (you will need a hill)
Sprint up the hill* (if this takes less than a minute, find a bigger hill)
Walk/jog down the hill
Repeat for 20-30 minutes
*For extra fun, do some pushups at the top!

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