A Quiet Place

March 20, 2012

A Quiet Place
The plane just left the runway. We are up in the air. Heading north. I am going home. To my quiet place. Everyone needs to have a quiet place. A place where you can go to decompress. A place where you can take a deep breath, reevaluate, relax. A quiet place is somewhere you can regain perspective, something that is badly needed in our technologically-driven busy lives.
My quiet place is the house where I grew up. It happens to be a lovely setting, a nice piece of property on the open water in NY. I can hear the waves lapping at the dock, see the sunlight as it is reflected on the ripples of the water, gaze across at the water tower of Jones Beach and BREATHE. With every intake of air, I am internalizing my childhood and all the memories that it brings forth. With every exhale, I appreciate my surroundings and slowly let go of the stressful thoughts and feelings that have built up over time. The salty air is like an aphrodisiac, luring me towards the dock that extends out over the water. My bare feet are caressed by the grooves of the weather-beaten wood. I sit with
my legs dangling over the edge and watch the silver bait fish scoot by, hoping to out swim their nearest predator. I remember all the times spent here in the past, but recognizing my present, I just feel fortunate to be here. Deep breath in, deep breath out.
As I live in FL it is not always easy for me to return to this quiet place. I have found some others: the beach early in the morning or at dusk, my bathtub after dinner, my bed when I first wake up. A friend of mine takes a warm bath EVERY night to decompress. Some other friends take long walks in their neighborhoods or meditate during the day.It doesn’t really matter where, it just matters that you find a place to slow down. Our every day existence is one of calls, texts, emails, TV shows. Not to mention the stresses and demands of a job, children, aging parents, sick friends. So many medical conditions have been attributed to high stress levels including but not limited to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. It is easy to lose sight of your inner self. You don’t hear your body telling you to slow down, to relax, to breathe.
Try and find that quiet place once a day. A place where you can turn off the outsideworld and tune into your inner one. It is scary at first to be “out of touch”, especially in this day and age. But after a few days of switching off, even if it’s only for a half hour, your will feel the change. You will feel your inner self peeking through the clouds of responsibilities and demands. The benefits of finding a quiet place are immeasurable.
Deep breath in, deep breath out…..

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