A New Year

January 26, 2012

We are now at the time that most people begin to forget about their New Year’s resolutions. It has been a few weeks and suddenly more pressing things have come up.
We promised ourselves to eat smart, but McDonalds is just too convenient. Our days are busy, our afternoons even more, and by the time that dinner rolls around, a drive through is just much less of a hassle than making a new meal from scratch. Or, we swore that we would eat breakfast, since it has been shown time and again that people who eat breakfast are healthier and tend to way less than people who don’t, but coffee is the only thing we can manage before heading out the door for work. And what happened to exercising three to five times a week.
We did great that first week after New Years. The holiday meals were fresh in our mind, so we ran around the block a few times, went to that yoga class, did that great home work out that we love. Yet, a few weeks later, our running shoes are beginning to gather dust, the yoga class just isn’t fitting in time wise, and the new episode of Greys Anatomy and Shark Tank were on. Can’t miss those!!
Although we tend to cut ourselves slack and convince ourselves that one week is better than none, it really isn’t too hard to get back on schedule. Try to figure out in your weekly schedule where you might be able to spare a few minutes. Really try hard. You can make a bunch of meals ahead of time and just freeze them in little containers that you then take out to defrost the morning you want to use them. Breakfast is easily packed for on the go eating by mixing up your own homemade granola or buying some protein bars at the supermarket. Not ideal, but passable if you really can’t sit for some eggs, fruit and toast. Lastly, you can truly find ten to fifteen minutes in your day. We really waste time just sitting around. If you mark the ten to fifteen minutes each day or every other day and run, walk fast or do some basic yoga moves, you really will feel better. It is still early in the New Year. Get back on track now while your resolutions are still fresh!!

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