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Are There Any Sacred Spaces Left?!


The other day I walked into Publix to do some shopping but before I began, I made a pit stop to the restroom. As I walked in, I simultaneously heard one woman having a conversation on her phone and another woman’s cell phone being answered. I smiled to myself and then thought, “Really! Are there no sacred spaces left? Are there no sacred times left?!” Besides the most obvious danger of having your phone drop into the toilet, what about the more insidious dangers of not ever being able to sit in quiet? Don’t laugh; this really did happen to a friend of mine in Disneyworld. While in the stall, she had her phone strategically placed in her pocket and it accidentally fell out into the toilet. As she quickly stood up to grab it, the automatic flusher swallowed up her phone. We are all so attached to our phones, …

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Permisson Granted!


I don’t know about you but I spend most of the day running. Running from one errand to another, from one task to another from one work project to another, from one conversation to another. Often times, I forget to eat lunch until I am reminded by my body–via a headache, stomachache or light-headedness. The days seem to fly by and I am caught up in the daily grind. A couple of years ago, I began a training program to connect to the more spiritual side of life and per the program’s requirements, we were told to take some time during the day to just sit. Sometimes I meditated and other times I just sat quietly on my couch with my eyes closed…”doing nothing.” I used to feel guilty about “doing nothing;” I used to beat myself up about just sitting in silence, letting myself connect back to my Self. …

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A Quiet Place


A Quiet Place The plane just left the runway. We are up in the air. Heading north. I am going home. To my quiet place. Everyone needs to have a quiet place. A place where you can go to decompress. A place where you can take a deep breath, reevaluate, relax. A quiet place is somewhere you can regain perspective, something that is badly needed in our technologically-driven busy lives. My quiet place is the house where I grew up. It happens to be a lovely setting, a nice piece of property on the open water in NY. I can hear the waves lapping at the dock, see the sunlight as it is reflected on the ripples of the water, gaze across at the water tower of Jones Beach and BREATHE. With every intake of air, I am internalizing my childhood and all the memories that it brings forth. With …

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Plastics, Plastics….What’s a Girl to Do?


The other day I was loading my dishwasher and my sister in law was in town visiting helping me out in the kitchen. Without thinking, I threw my plastic food containter into the top shelf of my dishwasher. My sister in law, asked me if I always did that. “Sure,why?” I replied. She then began to share with me her plethora of knowledge regarding the use and abuse of plastic. I knew from receiving various emails not to heat food in plastic in the microwave, but I never made the link about cleaning and heating my plastic containers in the dishwasher. After listening to the potential dangers regarding plastics in general, I threw out all of my plastic containers that had been heated and switched over to glass containers. I kept some that I’ll use to pack school snacks but I’m washing those by hand and not putting them in …

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A New Year


We are now at the time that most people begin to forget about their New Year’s resolutions. It has been a few weeks and suddenly more pressing things have come up. We promised ourselves to eat smart, but McDonalds is just too convenient. Our days are busy, our afternoons even more, and by the time that dinner rolls around, a drive through is just much less of a hassle than making a new meal from scratch. Or, we swore that we would eat breakfast, since it has been shown time and again that people who eat breakfast are healthier and tend to way less than people who don’t, but coffee is the only thing we can manage before heading out the door for work. And what happened to exercising three to five times a week. We did great that first week after New Years. The holiday meals were fresh in …

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Growing up, exercise was not really a priority. I played outside a lot, because we did not have video games or cell phones. I rode my bicycle constantly because that was how we got places. I played soccer for a few years during elementary school, but quickly dropped it when I entered junior high. Not until I was about 38 years old did I figure out that exercise was important. Even then, my husband was the impetus for this decision as I was really looking for something that we could do together to spend some time with each other. His schedule is erratic so I decided that I would start to run with him on his days off. To my horror and shock, I couldn’t even make it around the block. I was truly out of shape. Slowly but surely, I was able to build up over time to 3-4 …

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Take Time For Yourself


The other day I serendipitously found myself able to have lunch with my husband. It was a chance encounter but one that I was excited about as it had been a while since we had spent time together. As we were driving to a restaurant he asked where I’d like to go. I picked a local upscale, sit-down restaurant. “No,” he responded. “Ok, so where would you like to go?” I asked. “How about some place quick that has a counter you walk up to and pick your food.” “Nah, how about a place where we can sit down and get served. We’ll have more time to talk.” “I’d really prefer to grab something quick. I’d love to hang out but I have lots of errands I need to do today. I don’t have much free time and I need to get everything done.” Well, then, I sorta lost it. …

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