Safety Tips For Teen Drivers


One of the most important milestone’s in a teenager’s life is when they are finally able to drive on their own. Being able to drive opens up a multitude of opportunities; however, if your teenager is not careful, driving can also be the gateway to significant danger. To ensure that your teenager is being a safe driver make sure that they are considering the cardinal rules of driving: 1. Eyes on the Road: No matter what. Before they enter the car, the teen should remove their cell phone from their pocket, and put it in silent mode. The phone should placed somewhere in the car where it will not be tempting to reach out and check it. If they need to make an emergency phone call, they should pull into the nearest parking lot. 2. Never Drive Under the Influence: 31% of the traffic deaths in 2013 were due to …

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5 reasons to skip taking vitamin C for colds


It won’t make your sniffles disappear Sniffles, sneezes and an achy head are a good indicator that you’ve caught a cold—and nobody wants to be sick during the holidays. But unfortunately, chomping on megadoses of vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, or sipping yet another glass of vitamin C mix won’t make your illness magically disappear. In fact, it could add to your woes. “Nothing, including vitamin C, has ever been shown to shorten the course of a common cold, which usually lasts 7 to 10 days,” says Marvin M. Lipman, M.D., Consumer Reports’ chief medical adviser. Here are five reasons vitamin C is not much better than a tincture of time. 1. It’s probably too late While research suggests that taking a daily dose of C on a regular basis while you’re still healthy might shorten your cold by a day or so, the same studies show that blasting your …

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Will A Gluten-Free Diet Really Make You Healthier?


The biggest trend in the food world shows no signs of slowing down. Here are the six realities behind the labels. Eighteen months ago, Ahmed Yearwood decided to go gluten-free. “A few years earlier, I’d given up processed foods and felt great,” the 41-year-old business owner recalls. “I figured cutting out gluten would make me feel even better. Everyone told me I’d have more energy and lose weight.” He lasted less than a month. “Everything was rice this and rice that—it was way too restrictive,” he says. “And I didn’t feel any different healthwise than I did before.” Yearwood reverted to his former eating habits. “Some of the grains I eat have gluten, but I still feel amazing.” Just as fat was vilified in the 1990s and carbs have been scorned more recently, gluten—a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye—has become the latest dietary villain, blamed for everything from …

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A Doctor Explains Why Cruise Ships Should Be Banned


By Kent Sepkowitz M.D. More than 150 passengers on a California cruise ship came down with norovirus, continuing a trend that happens every year. From a medical standpoint, it’s time to call it quits on cruises. As an infectious-disease specialist, I still surprise friends and family with my unworried attitude regarding my risk of catching most infectious diseases. I have cared for patients with highly resistant TB without a pause; I have weathered anthrax and flu and Ebola-is-going-to-kill-us-all-within-the-hour panics with a bored shrug. As infants, my kids ate food right off the floor without washing or boiling. I don’t carry Purell and can’t imagine why any sane person would consider it. But there is one thing that scares me to death, a single place so threatening, so teeming with contagious organisms that I can’t believe that it is a $36 billion worldwide industry—a place people pay to spend time. Cruise …

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4 easy ways to cut calories from your lunchbag


Here’s how to boost your noontime nutrition Kids aren’t the only ones who like noshing on cheese and cold cuts on soft, squishy white bread. Ask a few grown-ups and they will probably vote for that combo in their lunch sack over veggie sticks and salads any day. If that’s you, don’t feel guilty about it. Go with what you like—just look for ways to make it a little healthier. Our nutrition pros did a better-for-you redo of some lunchbox favorites. Skip the soda and wash everything down with water. 1. Instead of white bread, try whole-grain white bread They look and taste about the same, but whole-grain white bread—a combo of regular white flour and whole-grain flour—has more than double the fiber. 2. Instead of American cheese slices, try Swiss cheese slices The fat and calories may be similar, but Swiss cheese has 80 percent less sodium per slice. …

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Are Coffee And Wine Good For You?


In moderation, they might offer some benefits but not when consumed in vast quantities For many people, the day begins with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of red wine. If you have seen the headlines touting the health benefits of both beverages—and you’re among the 61 percent of Americans who down a daily cup of java or the 31 percent of drinkers who prefer a glass of wine to other alcoholic beverages—you’ve probably been thrilled to watch former vices morph into virtues. But how good are the drinks for your health? Here’s the latest. Some research shows that coffee and wine, when consumed in moderation, may have similar benefits, such as increasing life span, boosting blood flow, and diminishing the risk of depression. And coffee and red wine have been found to contain antioxidants, which may prevent disease. But the beverages aren’t just bundles of antioxidants; …

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Ebola And The Flu


While the Ebola virus is responsible for 3,338 deaths in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization, more than 226,000 Americans are hospitalized with flu and approximately 36,000 die from flu-related complications every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the daunting thing is that less than half of Americans got a flu shot last year!!! Even though it is recommended for everyone. It’s great that everyone is tuned in to what is going on with Ebola, especially since there have been cases in the US. It is a real learning experience for all of us. Hopefully people will appreciate that, while there is no cure or vaccine for Ebola, THERE IS A VACCINE FOR FLU which kills people every year. Encourage your colleagues, friends and family to get flu vaccine this year. Boca Regional Urgent Care has the best vaccine out there, the Fluzone …

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Emergency Care vs. Urgent Care


It can be frightening when a sudden illness or injury strikes, especially if your regular doctor is not available. You need to make a choice quickly about where to get the medical attention you need. But, it’s also important to have all the facts before you seek care. What Are My Options? Emergency Rooms: Emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day for potentially life-threatening emergencies. Many plans cover some portion of emergency care no matter where you are, even out of their network area. Once your condition is stable, you will generally be moved to an in-network provider for follow-up care. You may have an ER co-payment, co-insurance or deductible. You may also have an additional out-of-network charge. If you have questions about what constitutes an emergency, or about what emergency costs are covered, call your insurer. Urgent Care Centers: These centers have extended hours and are not equipped …

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Will you be able to help your college age child in a medical emergency?


The HIPAA privacy rule requires you to have a signed authorization Don’t get stuck in an information vacuum if your son or daughter ends up in the ER. Early one October morning, Sheri E. Warsh, a mother of three from Highland Park, Ill., stepped out of the shower to a ringing phone. On the other end, her 18-year-old son’s college roommate delivered terrifying news: Her son—270 miles away at the University of Michigan—was being rushed by ambulance to a nearby emergency room with severe, unrelenting chest pain. “I was scared out of my mind, imagining the worst,” Warsh said. In a panic, she called the ER for details. What she got instead was a total rebuff from the nurse. “She asked me how old my son was, and when I said 18, she told me I had no right to talk to the doctor,” Warsh said. Think the nurse was …

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Four Common Mistakes in Treating Back Pain


Why you probably don’t need an MRI, strong drugs, bed rest, or back surgery With back pain, less really is more. Up to 90 percent of people who see a doctor in the first three days of a back attack get better within two weeks, regardless of what they do. Aggressive tests and treatments can waste your money and actually slow your recovery. Here are four common mistakes in treating back pain—and what to do instead. Mistake 1: Rushing to test Back pain can be so intense that your first thought might be that you need an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to see exactly what is going on with your spine. But most people who have those tests within a month of the onset of pain don’t get better faster and might get worse. Why? Scans often show small abnormalities that aren’t the cause of the pain but can …

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