A Visit to the Travel Clinic Can Ensure an Enjoyable Vacation


Taking a vacation overseas for most people is an enjoyable, relaxing way to take a break from the worries and responsibilities of work and home. Sitting on the beach having a tropical drink or sightseeing in an exotic part of the globe can be a wonderful way to spend one’s vacation. However, many travelers are deprived of these experiences and become ill during a trip that they and their family had planned and awaited for months. That is where Travel Clinics of America at Boca Regional Urgent Care comes in. Travel Clinics of America works to keep travelers healthy and happy during their trips overseas, by preventing infections with immunizations, giving travelers pre-emptive medications they can take with them and by giving sound advice and recommendations about how to avoid illness while abroad. Most travelers get some kind of health advice before departing, usually from unreliable sources; In a field …

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ObamaCare Insurance Accepted At Boca Regional Urgent Care


Boca Regional Urgent Care Accepts most commercial plans that are part of ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act). Many people have found it difficult to find doctors who accept their new ObamaCare insurance but this is not the case at our clinic. No appointment is needed, you can just walk in. Most plans have very reasonable co-pays to be seen.  We have digital x-ray, EKG and a lab to perform many tests on site.  Suturing and other minor procedures done.  Unfortunately we are not able to accept Medicaid or Medicaid plans. Don’t be frustrated trying to find a participating doctor. Come in to Boca Regional Urgent Care.  Please remember to bring your insurance card when you come in.

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Immunization Rate Against Shingles Is Low Despite Compelling Evidence


Vaccinations against certain diseases are essential to any preventative health plan. Shingles is a painful disease that can be averted with the help of inoculation. However, immunization rates for shingles are suboptimal, despite the strong amount of evidence supporting its value. Who should get the shingles vaccine? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals age 60 years or older should be inoculated against shingles in order to prevent complications associated with previous infections with varicella zoster, the virus that causes chickenpox. More than 99 percent of people in the U.S. age 40 years and older have had chickenpox even if they do not remember it, which makes them susceptible to developing shingles later in life. This becomes more likely as patients grow older. Currently, there is no recommendation for inoculation in patients ages 50 to 59 years, but the vaccine still has approval for this age …

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Tag is a Simple App for Sharing your Location through Pictures and Video


How it works Instead of text messaging back-and-forth with your friends to find out where they are, just tag them. It’s dead simple – confirm your current location, choose which friends to notify, and hit send. Attach videos, pictures, and messages to your tags to really capture the scene. Once other users get notified about your location, they have the option to tag you back with what they’re up to. For more info click on link below www.launch.it/launch/tag

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Choosing Wisely: Choosing a Pain Reliever: What To Do If You Have Kidney Disease or Heart Problems


Posted by: Consumer Reports Health on March 18, 2014 If you need a painkiller but suffer from high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney disease, it’s best to steer clear of some commonly used pain relievers. Those include: • Ibuprofen, which is sold under the brand names Advil and Motrin, and also as a generic or store brand. You can buy it without a prescription at the drug store. It’s sometimes combined with other drugs in other over-the-counter products, such as certain cold remedies. • Naproxen, sold under the brand name Aleve and as a generic or store brand. It doesn’t need a prescription, either. • Celecoxib, a prescription drug sold as Celebrex. All three of those drugs, which are called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, can ease pain and inflammation. But they are too risky if you have any of those health problems. Here’s why: They’re bad for high …

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Why You Should Be Worried About Antibiotics


Consumer Reports These lifesaving drugs are being misused and might stop working if we don’t take important precautions now. The drugs we have relied on for 70 years to fight bacterial infections—everything from infected cuts to potentially deadly pneumonia—are becoming powerless. Why? Because antibiotics are often misused by doctors, patients, and even people raising animals for meat. And that misuse, which includes prescribing or using those drugs incorrectly, breeds “superbugs”—dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can’t be easily controlled. The problem often starts when we’re sick. We ask our doctors for antibiotics to treat problems that the drugs simply don’t work against, such as colds or the flu. Those illnesses are usually caused by viruses, not bacteria—and antibiotics don’t work against viruses. Doctors, of course, know that the drugs don’t work for viral infections. But they’re often all too willing to comply. That’s partly because they want to make their patients happy, …

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3 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Heart


iTriage Each year, about 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States, making it the leading cause of death in both men and women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease (commonly known as simply “heart disease”) is the most common form of heart disease and occurs when the arteries of the heart become blocked, preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to the heart. As the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute notes, heart disease is a lifelong condition—once you get it, you’ll always have it. Medication and surgery can help treat heart disease, but the arteries remain damaged, which means you are more likely to have a heart attack. If you don’t make changes to your daily habits, the condition of your blood vessels will continue to worsen. Risk factors for heart disease include: • High blood …

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Pounds of Pain: Why Decadence Can Lead To A Decrepit Low Back


iTriage Steak Diane. Truffled potatoes. Flourless chocolate cake. Pinot…uh oh. Next time you splurge on an indulgent meal, you may end up paying more than just the restaurant tab. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain treatment. And not surprisingly, low back pain is directly tied to weight gain. In fact, it’s the most common cause of job-related disability. Low back pain most often strikes between the ages of 30 and 50, right about when women are gaining weight from pregnancy and when men and women are settling into a more sedentary lifestyle, explains the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Since the lumbar region of the back supports the weight of the upper body, even a few extra pounds can result in low back pain, which may lead to more serious and debilitating …

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Meet Bellabeat, The Startup That Wants To Be The Fitbit For Pregnancy


If there’s ever a time in a woman’s life when she wants to keep tabs on everything that’s going on with her body, it’s while she’s pregnant. Every inch added to her waistline, pound gained, heartbeat she hears, and kick she feels is something to be monitored and celebrated. But even as the quantified self movement has become mainstream for counting steps and tracking calories, many expectant mothers still largely rely on their doctor appointments to chart out the progress of the lives growing inside of them. Bellabeat, a startup company that is currently part of Y-Combinator, wants to help change that by providing a “connected system” that enables mothers to track their pregnancies on their own, while in between doctor visits. The startup is launching its first product, a $129 pocket-sized digital ultrasound tool that connects to a smartphone app to let women hear, record, and share their babies’ …

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Beware Of Cat Bites


NY Times Although cat bites account for only 10 to 15 percent of animal bites treated in emergency rooms, they pose special infection risks. Dog bites, the most common bites treated, can tear flesh and break bones, but they create open wounds that are easy to clean and less likely to become infected than the puncture wounds created by cats, which usually affect the hand and can inject bacteria into tendons and bones. In a three-year retrospective study published in the February issue of The Journal of Hand Surgery, researchers reviewed records of 193 people who came to Mayo Clinic Hospital with cat bites to the hand. Thirty-six victims were immediately admitted to the hospital, where they stayed an average of three days. Another 154 were treated with oral antibiotics as outpatients, although 21 of them eventually had to be hospitalized. Complications included nerve involvement, abscesses and loss of joint …

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